About Diane d’Almeida

Diane d'AlmeidaI am a librarian at Boston University. Having lived and traveled extensively and having realized that I knew very little about the Arab world and in particular Arab writing, I traveled to the Middle East to educate myself. The Fulbright Foundation helped me.

With my camera I decided to interview and video women from the Arab world. Interviewing them about their writing and finding that they are passionate about this endeavor made me realize that they are very similar to their counterparts in the West. They are extraordinary in their commitment to writing! They all have wonderful stories to tell. The stereotypical image the West has of this culture is often narrow and often negative. My experience was totally different.

Coming back to the USA I decided to interview and video Western women writers so that a viewer could compare the two cultures, from the point of view of artistic people. I plan to enlarge the present bibliography and videos that can be found at the Boston University website to include western women.

Attended: The International Conference on Interdisciplinarity in Sciences and Humanities, Beirut, Lebanon, April 23 – 26 2014. Delivered a paper — Women Writers in the Middle East and in the West.